How Do I Use Geometrics in Interior Design: What Designers Do

Many trends come and go but the stylish linear look of geometrics has never really gone out of fashion.

The interlocking shapes of a geometric pattern have been used for centuries from the Greeks through to the Aztecs and in colourful Moroccan boho designs.

But you might be wondering ‘how do I use geometrics in interior design?’

Read on to understand more about using geometrics to bring a sense of rhythm and harmony to your interiors as well as a stylish focal point.

Let’s hit the quick answer first before heading into a little more detail on bringing a stylish geometric look to your home.

Use geometric accessories such as cushions, throws, and wall art to add a linear edge to your home designs. Add oversized pendant lamps and feature walls. Try large geometric prints on wall and floor tiles, combined with more neutral patterns, designs, textures, and decor.

Add hexagons, diamonds, and boho designs for an individual interior design look.

Ok, so let’s start by discovering how geometries with their sharp lines and shapes can add a strong statement to your interiors and also be perfect to add a sense of calm to relaxing spaces.

Bold or calming

Strong patterns can put you in mind of a colourful, bold, and dramatic design, but geometrics can bring both a strong focal point or can be soothing to the eye.

The constant repetition of even a sharply designed pattern can help to bring a sense of order and be soothing for your cosy spaces.

Also, feel free to mix different types of geometrics such as those with Grecian elements along with the slightly softer Aztec and Moroccan boho designs to add interest and a shot of interest.

Mix and match linear shapes such as triangles, organized repetitive patterns, hexagons, squares to add interest and make your interiors pop with individuality.

The texture is also important. So whether you’re using flat-designed geometric wall art or a raised pattern such as a jacquard curtain or a smooth polished herringbone wooden floor, you may wish to mix and match textures and touch.

Mix with neutrals

Everyone loves the calmness of a neutral colour scheme. Pale greys, neutral stone, and shades of white provide a perfect backdrop for your interior design schemes.

Neutral rooms can come alive with the introduction of a linear geometric design.  Adding contrast and texture to a neutral wall, sofa or windows can add visual interest and also inject some personality to the room.

Adding a more subtle geometric pattern or a boho Moroccan vibe can bring a focal point and still be restful and calming in bedrooms and relaxing spaces.

Adding a block print throw in soft warm shades can bring what would otherwise be a neutral space to life.


Add focus

Linear structure geometrics and even softer more subtle block patterns can help bring focus to your lounging area, bedroom or reading corner.

Drawing your eye to a bold cushion, curtains or even a simple accessory such as a gorgeous geometric candle holder with sharp lines and angular detail will help to add interest and give your space that ‘interior designed’ look.

Use striking hexagonal, striking diamond shapes, linear designs, and blocks of colour to focus the eye and give your design structure.

Layering up your designs using geometrics and neutrals can form the central focus of a room.

Get inspired by Art Deco

The Art Deco era, in the early 1920s, used patterns and shapes in a big way that are still as popular today.

This glamorous use of shape, pattern, and geometries can bring a touch of elegance to your space.

By using luxurious fabrics and materials such as gold-leaf, marble, terracotta, aluminium, steel, and glass you can revive this popular art period in your own home.

Add calming patterns

You can balance repeating patterns, such as you might find on homeware with a geometric design, with a calmer pattern to create a subtle, more balanced look.

By doing this you can rest assured that strong geometries won't overpower or dominate your room.

Balance more decorative repeating patterns with more subdued patterns to create a balanced look. It’ll prevent them from overpowering a room.

For example, using decorative repeating geometric floor tiles means you can bring a show-stopping look to a room or especially a hallway, with a neutral or less striking pattern. This works well with pale neutral stripes or even a gentle floral design.

Using contrasting tones and textures can create a calming and restful feeling as you enter your home, even when using stronger geometries.

Go oversized

A large oversized feature especially when in a geometric design can add a real statement to your living spaces and bedrooms.

A huge oversized ceiling pendant, for example, can bring in impact when mixed with subtler or more neutral shades and tones.

Large-scale patterns on even the smallest wall can become a feature and even make your room seem bigger.

Interior designers will always use a large oversized feature even in smaller spaces as opposed to what many of us might think, more is less in a smaller space!

Using large features draws the eye and tricks it into thinking the space is larger than it really is.

You can use this to your advantage and bring space to smaller areas by adding a bold geometric statement piece. We love the idea of bold hexagonal tiles in a smaller bathroom either on the wall or floor to give the illusion of space.

Add geometries in details

With one of the latest trends incorporating Matt black and dark graphite kitchens, changing the hardware is a great hack to bring a geometric twist to your cooking areas.

Using brushed metallic in strong linear designs you can add to the contemporary look of geometric design and add a splash of interest along with a dramatic reflective quality.

Or how about adding one of our reclaimed barn wood distressed trays to your kitchen accessory kit? 

Carry your afternoon tea or lunch in the garden with this beautifully designed distressed circular tray with its stylish cut-out handles!


Add a geometric cushion

If you want to bring a softer and still linear feel to your room designs, mix up geometric patterns with the use of accessories such as cushions.

Cushions designed in bold linear designs work fabulously to add a statement to your lounge sofa, a bedroom chair, or even your favourite hanging egg chair!

Using cushions with a natural feel, designed using traditional Indian weaving techniques adds style to your relaxing spaces.

Pair them with a geometric throw blanket for a cosy style statement.  

Wall art

By using wall art you can add a geometric boho, Greek-inspired or Art Deco look to your home.

Place over a fireplace, or in a gallery group on a feature wall in your dining room for maximum impact.

Here at House Of Geometric, we love this beautifully designed hanging star wall art. It has a gorgeous smooth textured brush finish, complete with a 1.5-inch wood frame.  

Perfect to add a touch of geometric style statement piece to your bedroom, lounge, or hallway.

And to finish on…

We hope that’s given you tons of inspiration on how to use geometric patterns in your home interiors!

So whether you are looking to create a statement focal point, add drama to walls with contemporary geometric prints, or add some finishing touches, we have everything you need here at House of Geometric!

Don’t forget to head over to our store, to discover more ways to design your space with geometries like a pro!

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