How are shapes used in Interior Design? Types, Uses & Effects

The world of interior design is a place where creativity and an eye for detail come to the forefront, with the use of colours, fabrics and different methods to create something beautiful for our homes.

But what about shapes? And how are they used in interior design? Join us as we take you through this helpful article to discover more about why shapes are an important element in creating a stylish statement.

Shapes are used within 7 of the main elements of interior design. Shapes are used in line, form and texture which help to create stylish and pleasing rooms and interiors. Curves, vertical and horizontal lines, diagonals and geometrical shapes are all shapes used to create a balanced design scheme.

How are shapes used in interior design?

Ok, so you can more easily understand how shapes are used in interior design, let’s take a look at the 7 elements used in interior design.

What are the 7 elements used in interior design?

A beautifully designed space does not simply happen by accident! You’ve often seen those gorgeous drool-worthy homes in the interior home magazines and might have wondered how the magic happens.

In general, there are 7 elements to a successful interior design space.

  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Light
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Pattern

These elements come together to create a beautifully designed room. For those of you still wondering where shape fits into interior design, you're about to read how it actually applies to a few of these elements. To find out which ones, read on to discover more.


As shapes can take many forms when designing a room, you can spot how they are used when looking at how lines work to create a room worth being in!

The room's furnishings alongside any structural features can be one way that shape is used in interior design.

From horizontal lines such as soft furnishings and tables through to vertical lines of doors and windows or even a feature fireplace.

Lines such as zig-zags on geometric soft furnishings such as beautifully designed cushions all help create the room's design story.

Other dynamic lines such as curves and diagonals that might come from an elegant spiral staircase or even a tiled floor laid out in a diagonal arrangement can help draw your eye around the room to different points of focus.


“The rooms' furnishings alongside any structural features can be

one way that shape is used in interior design.”


Form in a nutshell can simply be described as shape. So, for those of you interested in how shapes are used in interior design, it’s clear it’s a very important part of the process.

The form can take on many meanings when designing a room. From the shapes of the furniture around the room to patterns on fabrics, curtains or even a beautifully designed throw blanket.

Also, the form can really influence the design outcome of any room and a combination of the precise shapes of natural curves, such as in nature, can bring a certain softness or even more structure to your room designs.

Earthly Tone Throw Blanket



The texture is vitally important in creating a pleasing interior design space; whether creating a minimalist look by using natural fabrics or by using stronger designs with more texture.

The shape is important texturally as it could be that raised strong lines are used on fabrics, or curvaceous shapes on cushions made of velvet contribute to the overall texture and feel of an interior designed space.

Embossed designs can use shape to give texture with a design that stands out. Maybe structural lines or curve less rigid shapes to add a touching aspect to interior designed spaces.


“Shape is important texturally as it could be that raised

strong lines, for instance, are used on fabrics”



The pattern is another of the 7 interior design elements where shapes can be incorporated.

From an intricate wallpaper, through to a beautifully patterned rug, intriguing geometric artwork or a soft furnishing, shapes and patterns can add style and life to any room.

There are so many styles of patterns that use a variety of shapes from strong linear to floral, to more gentle curves.

Shapes can be used to add interest and life to patterns, and similarly when designing using texture, shapes can draw your eye to a focal point.

Make sure you look at the patterns and shapes in relation to the whole theme, and you can take shape to a different level using patterns.

Shapes are not just one dimensional, but also two or even three!

Some shapes in interiors can attract the eye to bold prints or even to ceilings and other features such as a feature fireplace or some gorgeous soft furnishings.

Using shapes such as oval, crescents and circles you can create interest and bring flair to your room designs.

More geometric shapes such as triangles, hexagons and ovals can also add some interest and layer up your design.

 Geometric hand crafted concrete bowl

So how can you incorporate shapes into your design?

How to incorporate shapes at home

Bringing shapes into your home is simply a matter of taste.

You might prefer a softer floral design that picks up a vintage vibe, or you might love the comfort of circular shapes which bring a cosy feel.

Maybe add a large circular rug with an oversized circular mirror with footstools for a relaxing but elegant look.


Sharp geometrics are also a great way to add interest and give a modern edge if you are going for a more contemporary look.

There’s such a large range of geometrical shapes to choose from that are perfect for a mini makeover!


Hexagons can be part of a more abstract design which can be echoed in curtains, soft furnishings and in stylish modern wall hanging.  

Rustic Hexagon Candle Holder


Add some sharp-lined cushions or perhaps try a geometric design that echoes a more natural Aztec look. If you are looking to start on a hexagonal theme, maybe start smaller first by adding some coasters to a coffee table or placemats to your dining table.

Square shapes are also an easy way to launch into the world of shapes in your interiors. Many home furnishes can help build your square theme such as a rug, a low square occasional table, adding accessories as you go.


Many of the best interior homeware stores can help you achieve this linear or more geometric style you looking for.

Before you start, perhaps make a mood board or look at our products for some inspiration!


“Sharp geometrics are also a great way to add interest and give

a modern edge if you are going for a more contemporary look.”

And to finish on…

So, we hope that this has given you a little inspiration on how you can take shapes to the next level in your interior designs!

Here at House of Geometric, we specialise in soft furnishings, artwork, curtains and more to bring a structured look to your own personal interior design space.


So whether you are looking for, be it some striking curtains to give life to a plain wall, or a bold print with a geometric design, don’t forget to pop by our store and discover more.

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